We Offer Consultations for the following Services. If you are not sure where to begin in your Music Career or the Process, we can briefly explain to you how to begin.


Do you have a Logo or Name and need it Trademarked? We can process the paperwork for you. Over 10 years experience in Trademark Law. - USPTO.gov

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Need help with Copyrighting you music we can help with copyright.gov - We Copyright Single Songs and Full Album Projects.

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Web Design

We can help you build your website from Inception and help you create your store for merchandise online.

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Every Artist needs a Producer to bring out their Talent to a Record. We can assist you in bringing your ideas to life.

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Crowd Entertainment

Music for Competitions and Sports Games.

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We can help with building a theme for your group or band. Don't have an Idea, we can help you.

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If your are interested in learning how to do any of these services we have hands on teaching of Trademark filing or Copyrighting Music Classes. As well as Beginner Guitar Classes or Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering Classes.

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Management/Promotion Tips

Staff Building and Personnel Help. We have the Tips for Creating a Street Team as well as Promotional Material Creation and Printing.

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Successful Booking Advice and Management Placement. From Agency Advisement to Calendar Management. Working with Deadlines.

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Template Creation

We can help with showing you correct Templates for your home recording production for ease.

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Electronic Press Kits

Photograph Ideas. Creation of Biographies. EPK Setup. We can help your group stand out.

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Legal Contracts

Need a Legal Contract Look Over. From Single Bar Gigs to Entertainment Gigs. Creation of Contracts for Gigs as Well for Private Artists or Groups for Entertainment gigs.

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Detonation Studios has expertise to start you from an Independent Artist to a Professional Recording Artist. We value the art of Music and are always willing to help others learn the tricks of the trade.

Our customers are fascinated with examples that we provide whether it be a Recording or a Mastered Radio Ready Song, or a Rock Band's Website or Entertainment Company Startup. From Trademarks to Copyrighting. Management Advice, Industry Contacts or Legal Contracts.

Detonation Studios is a diverse company with Senior Advice and Production Mobility to better your career in the Music Industry.


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